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Content Management site

Content management system makes it easy for non-technical users to add and update content on their website. No software is necessary, and you simply log in to your website and then edit web pages in a Microsoft® Word-like interface.

A CMS support the following features:

  • Identification of all key users and their content management roles
  • The ability to assign roles and responsibilities to different content categories or types
  • Definition of workflow tasks for collaborative creation, often coupled with event messaging so that content managers are alerted to changes in content (For example, a content creator submits a story, which is published only after the copy editor revises it and the editor-in-chief approves it.)
  • The ability to track and manage multiple versions of a single instance of content
  • The ability to capture content (e.g. scanning)
  • The ability to publish the content to a repository to support access to the content (Increasingly, the repository is an inherent part of the system, and incorporates enterprise search and retrieval.)
  • Separation of content's semantic layer from its layout (For example, the CMS may automatically set the color, fonts, or emphasis of text.).

We use Content Management Software (CMS) to allow you to easily update your site with new information. To get higher search-engine ranking, you need to keep your content fresh!

We are able to provide clients with a full range of Mambo, Joomla, DotNetNuke development, integration, training and support services. We build websites that are unique in design, extremely simple to update and economical to develop.

We provide the following CMS services

  • Priority support.
  • Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Theme design and development
  • Custom template development